Cleveland Stonewall Democrats Endorse Frank Jackson for Mayor

Cleveland Stonewall Democrats Endorse Frank G. Jackson for Mayor.

Cleveland’s LGBT Community Understands the Importance for Jackson to Continue the Momentum  

Cleveland – Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, who is seeking reelection this fall, has been endorsement by the Cleveland Stonewall Democrats Club. The endorsement follows Jackson’s long-held support of the LGBTcommunity in Cleveland.

Since the 1990s, Jackson has maintained a record of supporting the LGBT community since his days as councilman before being elected mayor in 2005. He fought hard to bring the Gay Games to Cleveland in August 2014. During that time, he introduced a special registry and promotion of small businesses that support the LGBT community, and established Cleveland as a Welcoming City

“I appreciate the endorsement of The Cleveland Stonewall Democrats Club,” Jackson said. “I have always valued the diversity and contributions that our LGBT community makes to Cleveland. Our community and neighborhoods are better and stronger as a result, where openness and acceptance of diversity is encouraged.”

The Cleveland Stonewall Democrats is an all-volunteer, independent organization that was established in 2000. It is committed to educating, endorsing, electing and holding accountable, pro-LGBT Democrats across Greater Cleveland. The club is devoted to securing equal rights for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

At the state and national level, the organization is committed to improving the record of the Democratic Party and educating voters about the vast difference that exists between the two major parties on issues of importance to our communities.

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