Cleveland City Council Endorses Frank Jackson for Mayor

Cleveland City Council Members Endorse Frank G. Jackson for Mayor

The Majority of Council Members Endorse Mayor for Four More Years  

Cleveland – Three-term Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson has been endorsement by 13 Cleveland City Council members in an overwhelming show of support Thursday afternoon July 20th.

Cleveland, with a total of 17 Council members, and excluding two members currently running for mayor, makes 15 council members eligible to endorse. 13 of 15 Council members chose to endorse Jackson today, a clear majority.

Jackson, previously councilman in Ward 5 and past president of Cleveland City Council before becoming mayor in 2005, accepted the endorsements today at his campaign headquarters surrounded by supporters and media.

“I appreciate being endorsed by my colleagues from City Council,” Jackson said. “With so many elected officials representing the majority of residents in Cleveland, is clear to me that we have the support we need to continue to hard work and development in our city. For the future of our residents, we will continue to build up our city and invest in infrastructure, education, services and safety in our neighborhoods citywide.”

Cleveland City Council members endorsing the mayor in attendance were Majority Whip Terrell Pruitt – Ward 1, ​Kerry McCormack – Ward 3, Kenneth Johnson – Ward 4, Majority Leader Phyllis Cleveland – Ward 5, ​Kevin Conwell – Ward 9, Anthony Brancatelli – Ward 12, Council President Kevin Kelley – Ward 13, Brian Cummins – Ward 14, Brian Kazy – Ward 16, and Martin Keane – Ward 17

Those endorsing the mayor, but not in attendance are Blaine A. Griffin – Ward 6, Matt Zone – Ward 15, Donna Brady – Ward 11.

Jackson offered his endorsement to supporting Council members up for reelection this fall in his speech to a room full of supporters.

Council members that endorse Jackson will make individual statements about their support, and how working with Mayor Jackson has impacted growth their respective wards.